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AIR. The invisible gas we breathe, we play in, supports combustion, carries sound and even allows you to drive a car.  But did you know you can generate electricity from air.

Hello and welcome to myHomewindpower. We are dedicated to helping you generate your own electricity that is clean, abundant and sustainable, all from the natural power of the wind.

No Physics degree required

So why myHomewindpower? Isn’t there is already plenty of good material out in the public domain already? Well, yes and no.

We started myHomewindpower out of frustration at the books and online resources about wind power that assumed No Degree Required - myHomewindpowereveryone had a degree in physics or engineering. Everything seemed to be made more complicated than it needed to be. Why wrestle with the science and technical details when all you want to do is install an environmentally-friendly power system to supplement or replace grid power and take advantage of the endless generating capacity that surrounds us, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Hope is not a plan

Whether you are a hardened eco-warrior or just plain confused about climate change, there is no denying we humans have a responsibility to do better in our stewardship of the planet.Protecting the Ecosphere - myHomewindpower

The ongoing use of fossil fuels to generate much of the electricity that powers our homes is having a huge and largely irreversible impact on the planet’s ecosystems. And many governments around the world are struggling to transition their nations to cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy generation.

There is no Planet B. No backup, no safety net.

There’s a winning team and a losing team. Which one are you on?

Here at myHomewindpower, we will be your conscience. You will find simple and straightforward information and product reviews on wind-powered generators and systems that are available for your home. Check them out and follow the links for more information.

Welcome to the new world of clean, natural, homemade electricity!

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you.

All the best,


Founder of myHomewindpower

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6 thoughts on “About myHomewindpower”

  1. Randall,

    I’m interested to read more content on your site.  Wind power is becoming a lot more popular these days, but I hadn’t heard as much about this becoming as independently driven before as much as say solar power, so I am excited to see what else I can learn from what you have shared on the rest of your site.  Thanks.

    • Hi Daniel, thank you for the encouragement. Wind power is the fastest growing renewable energy source in the world and I’m keen to promote the benefits of using wind turbines at home to generate your own electricity. Solar power has certainly had the better PR over the past few decades however advances in technology mean that wind power is now able to compete on a more equal footing.

      Please check back with us on a regular basis as there is still plenty of content to come.

      ~ Randall

  2. Hi Randall. I’m glad I came across your website. I have to agree with you that one of the drawbacks is that there is little information out there about wind power technology that isn’t so complicated. I have heard a lot of good things about it but just don’t know where to begin. I look forward to more information and product reviews from your site that I can put to good use right away.


    • Thank you Joe for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.  The purpose of this site is to try and demystify some of the technical language and jargon used within the wind power industry that has likely put off a lot of homeowners from considering wind as an energy source. Straight-forward, honest information and reviews is my desired goal.

      Before making any investment in wind power, I recommend checking out my essential guide to see if wind power is right for you:

      5 Essential Checks for Wind Power at Home

      ~ Randall

  3. I’m glad I’ve found you!

    I’m always trying to do better, one of the main issues with wind power generation is that the turbines used to burn-out on bad weather. If your geographical area is blessed with more or less standard top and minimum wind speeds this could be a great option for you as it is for me.

    It’s good to see there still are people willing to make a difference (even when it may seem they’re going against the odds).

    Please observe the possibility of delivering a post on the cylinder type turbines as they have a design that avoids generators burn-up when exposed to grater wind than the ones they have been designed for.

    Thanks again for starting this journey and please count me among the ones willing to get access to this type of information willing to actually implement and deliver sustainable results.

    • Hi Juan and thank you for your kind words of support.  I agree that in the past some wind turbines sold in the consumer market were not engineered to a very high standard or built to last.  Thankfully wind turbine technology has come a long way in recent years, both commercially and for the home, so there are now a number of powerful and durable models available to homeowners.

      Thank you for the great post idea – I’ll add that to my list of content topics. I assume by ‘cylinder type turbines’ you are referring to wind turbines that spin around a vertical axis (Vertical Axis Wind Turbines or VAWT) as opposed to the traditional windmill-type turbines (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines or HAWT).

      I will be introducing a ‘Contact’ section to the site shortly where you can subscribe and keep up to date with latest developments by email.

      ~ Randall


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