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Why Most Vertical Wind Turbines Fail

When someone mentions wind turbines, you immediately think of the large propeller-like windmills that dot coastal or rural landscapes nowadays.  But did you know there is another type of wind generator called a vertical axis wind turbine, or VAWT.  So, what is a vertical wind turbine? HAWT vs. VAWT Wind generators are classified into two different varieties – horizontal axis … Read More

Sibling Rivalry - Wind turbine vs Solar panel

Sibling Rivalry: Wind Turbines vs Solar Panels

Skyrocketing energy prices, power blackouts and growing environmental consciousness have reignited our fascination with home-based renewable energy systems in recent years.  Wind and solar power are the two clear favourites.   But which technology is better – wind turbines or solar panels? Choosing a suitable renewable energy system for your particular needs, both now and in the future, is important if … Read More

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Freedom from the Grid

The 2000W 11-blade Missouri General Freedom II Wind Turbine from Missouri Wind and Solar in the United States is one of the best home wind generator systems available today.  With this wind turbine in your backyard, your neighbours will know you mean business when it comes to renewable energy for the home. Product overview With 11 carbon-fibre blades and a … Read More

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AIR. The invisible gas we breathe, we play in, supports combustion, carries sound and even allows you to drive a car.  But did you know you can generate electricity from air. Hello and welcome to myHomewindpower. We are dedicated to helping you generate your own electricity that is clean, abundant and sustainable, all from the natural power of the wind. … Read More